February 5, 2016

Kauai: Coffee and Frisbee

Kona coffee beans are generally held up as a gold standard; Kauai beans are much lesser known.  And this is likely ironic.  Kauai will smile knowingly and then proudly educate its coffee-drinking-public with a few important details:  like Kauai is a much MUCH older island than Hawaii.  And has all that beautiful red dirt that is way less acidic.  And thus, Kauai beans are just that much smoother and less bitter and less acidic than their sister island’s beans.  And we Kellers happen to agree that Kauai beans are The Bomb. 
kauai coffee and frisbee-1kauai coffee and frisbee-2
We enjoyed sampling a few new varieties.  We liked Sunrise and Peaberry-Medium so well that we brought a few bags home with us. (why, yes, Middle Dude was sporting bed head hair our whole vacation!)

kauai coffee and frisbee-3kauai coffee and frisbee-4
After Kauai Coffee Company, we headed over to gentle (no big waves) Lydgate Beach to hang out a bit.  I picked a warm spot on the sand and read further in one of my vacay books,  All the Light We Cannot See (review here).  The dudes headed over to an adjoining park to play Ultimate Frisbee.
kauai coffee and frisbee-5kauai coffee and frisbee-6
One of the top want-to-do items on the dudes’ list was showing up to play for this pick-up Ultimate Frisbee game (here at home they play weekly on Sunday afternoons, so this was a serendipitous Kauai find).  It’s a Kauai East Side every Sunday 3:30 thing.  So we planned our day’s island schedule around a 3:30 arrival.  Silly haoles we were.  We forgot about Aloha Time.  Nobody but we visitors showed up at 3:30.  Game didn’t actually begin til 4:30ish.  Big Dude was tremendously bummed to be merely watching from the sidelines; a compromised shoulder kept him from playing this time.  I guess we need to go back.

kauai coffee and frisbee-7kauai coffee and frisbee-8kauai coffee and frisbee-9kauai coffee and frisbee-10kauai coffee and frisbee-11kauai coffee and frisbee-12kauai coffee and frisbee-13kauai coffee and frisbee-14kauai coffee and frisbee-15kauai coffee and frisbee-16
Methinks the Dudes enjoyed a new experience with this lively, friendly group of fellow frisbee afficionados.  Certainly the backdrop was jaw-droppingly eye-arresting.  Little Dude did remark at the end that it was a decidedly R-rated frisbee game.  Yes, Little Dude.  Yes, it was [grin].

February 4, 2016

Kauai: Larsen’s Beach

This is the beach just around the bend from our Moloa’a beach, and I guess there’s been a raging controversy for several years over access.  There’s a steep trail [reportedly dangerous & unmaintained] that accesses the beach that’s owned by the county.  And there’s a safer lateral trail [maybe part of the historic ala loa trail and thus an easement to the property] that runs through private property that has been fenced off by the current company leasing the land to run cattle.  Anywhoo, I think the trail we found and used was the lateral trail and it didn’t seem to be fenced off, so … ???   This beach is sometimes populated with monk seals, turtles, and naturists (aka nudists), though none appeared to be present while we were.  We would have enjoyed seeing a seal or turtle.

On our way to Larsen’s we drove down the dirt road to a home we formerly stayed in, for nostalgia sake…
larsen beach-1larsen beach-2
After waving at the horse and our former house, we pulled out on the highway. Look, there’s the little piece of Kauai that I’d like to own.
larsen beach-3
Larsen’s is accessed by a dirt road.
larsen beach-4larsen beach-5
And a long dirt path …

larsen beach-6
It was another day predicted to have big waves on the north shore.  Clearly I brought the wrong lens to capture big waves.

larsen beach-7larsen beach-8larsen beach-9
35mm just doesn’t do big waves justice.  But, they were amazing.  There’s a reef all around this particular beach, so the waves break pretty far out.
larsen beach-10
Boys and sticks.  Some things never change.
larsen beach-11larsen beach-12larsen beach-13larsen beach-14
Me and this guy.  We like each other a lot.  That doesn’t change, either.
larsen beach-15larsen beach-16
Back up the trail …
larsen beach-17larsen beach-19larsen beach-20
Right around that far hill is our Moloa’

larsen beach-21
Back out the dirt road.

larsen beach-22larsen beach-23
And right back to where we began, staring across the highway at my future property.  (Ok, maybe the current owners love it and will never sell.  I can settle for something similar.  Something with pretty green fields, mountains in the midst, and big sky.  Some wide open place where I can watch the weather happen…)

larsen beach-24

February 3, 2016

Kauai: Moloa’a Sunrise, fisheye version

Wavegazing is a mesmerizing way to begin every day of vacation…
moloaa fisheye-2moloaa fisheye-3moloaa fisheye-4moloaa fisheye-5moloaa fisheye-6moloaa fisheye-7moloaa fisheye-8moloaa fisheye-9moloaa fisheye-10

Kauai: Home away from home…

home kauai style-1home kauai style-2home kauai style-4home kauai style-5home kauai style-3home kauai style-6home kauai style-7home kauai style-8home kauai style-9home kauai style-10
The gounds are clearly lovely, the house cute and quirky (by “quirky”, I mean lots of deferred maintenance – Big Dude found himself being a plumber for a big chunk of time), but the main thing is, as always:  location, location, location.  We were literally a one minute walk from this path that leads right out to this astoundingly beautiful bay.  Heaven.

home kauai style-11